BOP Tractor Lease

Particulars Bank’s Policy
Approved Tractors Millat Tractors / Messay Ferguson                                   All Models
Al Ghazi Tractors                                                              All Models
Tenure 05 Years maximum
Eligibility Criteria
  • Minimum land ownership of 5 Acres (irrigated land)/ 10 Acres (Arid land)
  • Age should be between 21- 65 ( Max. 65 years at maturity)
  • Should not have write off history
Markup Rate Fixed Rate: 6-Months KIBOR + 7%% p.a.Rate will remain fixed for whole tenure
Equity/LKM Land Holding (Acres) LKM
Irrigated land: 15 Acres OR Arid land: 30 Acres 20%
Irrigated land: 10 Acres OR Arid land: 20 Acres25%
Irrigated land: 5 Acres OR Arid land: 10 Acres 30%
Repayment 10 installments(Biannually). 1st May & 1st November
  • Registration of Tractor in the name of bank
  • Bank’s charge on Agri land through Zari Passbook
Processing Fee including FED (Non-refundable) Rs. 5,000 per tractor.( The bank will not charge for ECIBs, Nadra Verisys and cost of Charge documents)
Insurance & Tracker Cost Actual (to be paid by lessee)
Down Payment LKM + Processing fee+ insurance Premium of full tenor & tracker charges + Registration charges (At Actual)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?
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