BOP Shamsi Tawanai

Purpose of Facility BOP Shamsi Tawanai is a term finance facility for consumers willing to install solar energy equipment for generation of electricity ranging from 4 KW to 1000 KW with or without net metering.
Product Attributes • Affordable mark-up rates
• Quick processing and loan disbursal
• Availability of Limit Enhancement option
• AEDB certified suppliers on panel
• Available under PM’s Kamyab Jawan program and Punjab Rozgar scheme as well*
Target Market 1. Individuals (preferably with an intent of net metering)
2. Small & Medium Enterprises
3. Agribusinesses
Eligibility Criteria Existing BOP customers and prospective NTB Borrowers meeting the following acceptance criteria shall be financed under “BOP Shamsi Tawanai”
• Clean e-CIB
• Income proof/ Bank Statement/ Income estimation
• NOC from the owners
• Age should be between 21yrs and 60 years
• Satisfactory market check
Minimum Loan Limit Rs. 0.5 million
Maximum Loan Limit Rs. 100 million (for individuals 5 million)
Down Payment For Individuals / SMEs:
• 20% down payment in case of owned premises / family owned along with a Non-Objection Certificate from the owner(s)
• 25% down payment in case of rental/ lease premises along with a proof of single / joint ownership of any immovable property and a Non-Objection Certificate from the owner(s)
• 25% down payment in all other cases
For Agri Customers / Business (Farm / Non-Farm):
(includes all associated and auxiliary businesses directly related to agriculture)
• Minimum 20% down payment in case of both owned/ family owned premises/land
• 25% down payment in all other cases
Tenure The maximum duration of this loan is 8 years with 3 months grace period
Frequency of Repayment Monthly / Quarterly / Bi-annually
Security Hypothecation of Equipment
Mortgage of Property (30% margin on mortgage value)
Cash / Near Cash Collateral (10% on encashment value)
Lien on Vehicles (30% margin on mortgage value)
Security amount (forced sales value) shall be equal to 50% of loan amount where power generation can be monitored online
Charge on Agri land through Zarai Pass Book (40% margin on last three years Oast Bai/Schedule rate value as assessed by revenue or value determined by evaluator) (applicable on agri customers / businesses only)
For both salaried and non-salaried person financing up to Rs. 3 million can be availed against hypothecation of equipment only (no tangible security required). Subject to following conditions:
o Residential premises on which equipment is to be installed is owned by the borrower or his/her spouse/siblings/children/parents.
o Annual salary/annual account turnover (singly or clubbed with spouse) is equivalent to loan amount.
Insurance Insurance for first year shall be taken along with down payment, remaining amount shall be built in installments.
Pricing / Mark-up As per prevailing market rates
Processing Fee As per SOC
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