Cash Management Department


BOP offers full range of Cash Management services aimed at enhancing clients’ liquidity position, reducing operational cost and improving financial control via accurate and timely reporting. Our success is primarily attributed to customized solution offerings, team expertise and technology-based product strategy. We are continuously involved in providing innovative solutions, expanding our products/services suite and increasing efficiency for our partner clients.


  1. 1. Round the clock accessibility through web based portal
  2. 2. Transparency and confidentiality of Information
  3. 3. Customized reports
  4. 4. Periodic/Need based MIS reporting and comprehensive reconciliation with Main Account.
  5. 5. Single point of contact for all client queries through dedicated Portfolio Manager.


BOP Cash Management has its own payment and collection engine called “EasyPay” which is an in-house state of the art developed solution with the capability to integrate with any system. The system is designed in such a way to facilitate our customers through the provision of customized solutions.


Our collections solution leverages the Bank's extensive regional knowledge and widespread branch network across our key markets to specially tailor solutions for our customers’ collection needs. With this collections solution, delivered through a standardized platform, there is flexibility of catering to your local needs, thus enabling you to meet your objectives of reducing costs and increasing efficiency and profitability through better receivables and risk management.

BOP EasyPay platform provides customized solutions according to our customers’ needs while effectively managing fund movement and reporting through a single collection account. A depositor may make payments using BOP’s branch network either via instruments, cash deposits or account transfers with customized reporting and real-time alert facility for our clients. Our receivable solutions can be customized to complement our customer’s requirements for

Key Features:
  • Provision of Host to Host Connectivity with Client in house system
  • Comprehensive and customized MIS.
  • Direct uploading of collection data on BOP server
  • Funds Consolidation to Main Collection Account.
  • Faster TAT.


A major achievement of The Bank of Punjab is to be awarded the Agent Bank Mandate from SBP for all Government of Punjab (GoPb) receipts. The Bank of Punjab is the second scheduled bank to have been granted this important charge by State Bank of Pakistan for collection of all GoPb receipts which was being done by the National Bank of Pakistan for the past 68 years. After securing the mandate of Agent Bank, The Bank of Punjab is successfully performing the agent bank functions for various government programs including

  1. 1. e-Stamping
  2. 2. Sales Tax Collection on Services
  3. 3. Fard and Mutation Fee Collection
  4. 4. E-Challans

In addition to this, BOP has also partnered with Punjab Employees’ Social Security Institution (PESSI) to launch the PESSI contribution collection services through digital channels of all commercial banks across Pakistan via 1Link Channel.


Our comprehensive payment services are tailored to enhance our clients’ accounts payable processes. This will eliminate many manual tasks involved in making payments, allowing you and your staff to spend more time focusing on your core business needs. We understand that most of your effort in the payment cycle is directed towards initiation and difficulties in the subsequent reconciliation process can jeopardize the whole process.

BOP also offers its customers a web-based EasyPay portal that can meet the challenges of a rapidly growing domestic payment system. With our EasyPay channels you can track the exact status of each payment through timely reports that can be uploaded seamlessly into your company’s system.


Following are the services offered for payable management:
Over the Counter (OTC) Cash Payments:

Our customers can also pay small ticket transactions in cash over BOP counters. This solution facilitates our customers to route their small ticket transactions through proper banking channel which facilitates them to document their payments for audit trails. A unique transaction PIN is generated against each transaction which is sent on the beneficiary’s cell number. A beneficiary can claim funds against this PIN at any BOP Branch in Pakistan.

Bulk BOP to BOP Funds Transfer:

Our customers can also opt for transfer of funds in real time from their BOP Account to beneficiary’s BOP account(s).

Bulk Interbank Fund Transfer Facility:

Our customers can also directly credit funds to non-BOP account holders. The funds are transferred in real time from BOP to 1-link member banks using our Bulk IBFT fund transfer facility.


Dividend Payments:

BOP offers electronic payment of dividends for our corporate clients/listed companies’. Our solution supports both types of customers in terms of local dividend payment in their accounts either BOP to BOP (Internal Funds Transfer) or BOP to other banks through (Inter Bank Funds Transfer – IBFT/RTGS).

Customized Stationery:

BOP provides its corporate customers with the solution to have their customized stationery printed as per their request. This stationery is co-branded having logo of customer and bank for payment which helps to improve corporate image of our customer in vendors. The stationary format may vary as per customer’s requirement (i.e. A4 stationary or continuous roll).


For Queries Relating to Cash Management Services

+92 42 35817697-99 Ext 209/ 225 / 220/ 224
+92 42 35711424
+92 42 35711434

For Branch Service Level Complaints

+92 42 35817697-99  Ext 211/ 221/ 229
+92 42 35711463      +92 42 35711485
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