Roshan Equity Investment


The Bank of Punjab (BOP) has unsealed the lucrative opportunities of investment on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) for its Non-resident Rupee Value Account (NRVA) holders in line with SBP guidelines. PSX has an enviable record of being the best performing Stock Exchange in Asia. NRVA holders can choose from a wide array of companies listed on the Exchange in several different sectors, build their investment portfolio and reap the potential rewards of investing on PSX while being stakeholder in homeland’s economy.

Account Opening Process:

Non-Resident Pakistanis (BOP NRVA holders) will login to the Bank of Punjab Roshan Digital Portal and select the “Stock Market Investment” option from the menu of ‘Non-Financial Services’ tab on RDA portal for opening of CDC account by providing therein following details and submit request under consent to share the information with Central Depository Company (CDC) and other capital market entities and accepting terms and conditions:

   a. Selection of broker from the provided list.
   b. Investment Mode i.e. DSS (For Conventional Customers) / DSSI (For Islamic Banking Customers)

Customer will be informed about the fate of transaction through RDA portal and e-mail at his/her registered e-mail ID.

All such customers whose requests are marked approved by the bank will also receive an ‘Acknowledgement Email’ from CDC.

Upon receiving the aforementioned information, CDC will:

   a. Forward the information to NCCPL (National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited) for UIN (Unique Identification Number) creation and registration.
   b. Forward the information to the selected Brokerage House for opening NRP Trading Account.
   c. Open Investor Account of the NRP in CDC and enable the account for Direct Settlement Service (DSS).

CDC will send an Account Opening Package email to all such customers whose information / credentials are found complete and correct.

After account opening, you can make request for transferring funds to CDC through ‘Stock Market Investment’ E-Form available under financial services tab on RDA portal.

List of Brokerage Houses:
Click Here to find the list of eligible Brokerage Houses

Contact Details for Bank:
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