BOP Bonus Munafa Term Deposit

BOP Bonus Munafa Term Deposit (BMTD) a PLS saving Bank deposit product available for general public i.e. everyone who is eligible to open bank account and invest as per bank’s criteria. The term account can be opened singly or jointly.

Salient Features
  • This is a Fixed Deposit scheme.
  • Minimum amount of investment is Rs.50,000/- and no limit for maximum amount.
  • Product is available in flexible placement periods of 1-Month to 5-Years.
  • Payment of profit is on Monthly Basis.
  • Profit payment can be made in any account (saving or current) of the customer but for eligibility of bonus bps points, one current account of any type must be linked with BOP Bonus Munafa Term Deposit.
  • In case customer maintains monthly average balance of atleast 25% of total outstanding BMTD(s) amount in his/her linked current account of any type (CD, BTA, BBA, LCA, SPA, YEA etc), then his/her account will qualify for a top up profit rate of (additional) 75 bps for the month.
  • If at any point requirement of 25% monthly average deposit in linked current account is not met, 75 bonus bps points will not be awarded for the month.
  • In case of premature encashment, customer will be entitled to profit payment of expired period at the minimum saving rate prevailing at the time of encashment, as per existing procedure in vogue and already paid excess profit will be recovered.
  • Best profit rates being offered in the market.
  • Upto 90% Financing Facility as per bank’s policy in vogue.
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