BOP FCY Supreme Saving Account

(US $, EURO & U.K Pound)

This is a foreign currency saving account product available for all customers who are eligible to open a FCY saving account as per Bank’s criteria. There are certain value added attractions on maintaining minimum balance of USD 15,000 or EURO 12,000 or GBP 10,000.

Salient Features
  • Free ATM/Debit Card for PKR A/C (issuance and subsequent renewals).
  • Free issuance of one Cheque Book per month.
  • Free Locker Facility (small and medium) with same title, subject to availability and after maintaining average balance for six months.
  • Free OBC Facility (in PKR CD Account, with same title).
  • 1. Free issuance of universal cheques in PKR
    2. Free issuance of CDR in PKR
  • Free online facility from PKR account.
  • Free e-banking facility to view account balance and statement of account is available.
  • SMS Alert facility is available subject to payment of annual charges as per bank’s schedule of charges.
  • Free of Cost Utility Bills Deposit Facility through BOP ATM Network, BOP Phone Banking and self service IVR system is available.
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