Agriculture Loans

Nurtures the best in nature

Our Strategic Business Plan identifies Agriculture as a priority sector. Agriculture is the base on which the edifice of national economy is built and, needless to emphasize, also constitutes the fulcrum for poverty alleviation, employment generation and over all prosperity of the farmer.

Our countrywide network of branches, that too predominantly at Tehsil level/remote rural locales and environs, affords us advantageous flexibility, outreach and demographic coverage to access and serve the Agrarians at their convenience on their doorsteps. Our staff includes over 125 professionally qualified and well trained Agriculture Credit Officers, fully conversant with latest farming procedures and practices and well versed in customs, norms, social ethos and aspirations of our tillers. Through our team, we are actively involved in disseminating information, imparting knowledge and rendering practical assistance at the level of every individual customer.

We posess the scientific wherewithal to encourage farmers to invest in state of the art equipment, tools and implements etc. in the Dairy sector, especially in the wake of ever rising demand for Dairy Products. We enable our customers to achieve even greater productivity by enabling enhanced milking capacity, quality assurance, proper preservation and secure storage, as well as transportation to processing facilities. We have also recently launched Livestock Development initiatives, while our scheme for Fish Farming too has gained great popularity and success.

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