Kissan Dost Green House Finance Scheme

Particulars Bank’s Policy
Purpose To encourage the farmers to establish Green houses in order to increase productivity and meet the growing demand of vegetables at affordable prices.
There are two type of greenhouses i-e:
  • Metallic Construction
  • Bamboo Construction
What is Eligibility Criteria
  • A genuine grower
  • Should have a suitable land to establish a Green House
  • Should not be a defaulter of any other bank and should have a security free of all encumbrances to be offered as collateral.
Amount of Facility MaximumRs. 25.00 Million
The facility shall be provided keeping in view the cash flows of the borrower in order to justify the requested amount of finance and secure the bank’s interest.
Markup For D/F & L/F (Term Loan Facility): 15% P.A. Fixed rate
RFor RF facility: 03 M KIBOR + 500 BPS
  • Leased assets (Purchase receipts of other equipment’s/machinery in the name of the Bank)
  • Charge on agriculture land through Agri Passbook
  • Charge on urban immovable property through equitable/registered mortgage
  • The property should be cleared by the banks approved legal counsel and will be assessed by the Banks and PBAs approved surveyor.
  • Liquid security in shape of Bank’s Fixed Deposit Receipt /DSC/NSC or Regular Income Certificates.
  • One Personal Guarantee of an individual having adequate tangible net worth.
  • Two written satisfactory market verified reports.
Tenure of Facilities 5 years from the date of disbursement (in case of D/F & L/F)
1 year from the date of disbursement (in case of R/F)
Loan Repayment
  • Demand Finance Facility – 20 equal quarterly installments (Principal Markup)
  • Lease finance Facility – 20 equal quarterly installments (Principal Markup)
  • Running Finance Facility - markup will be recovered on quarterly basis.
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