Dormant / Unclaimed Accounts

All depository accounts like Current/Saving/BBA etc., which are not operated upon by the account holders for a period of one year, will be classified as dormant. This entails certain restrictions on the operation of such accounts. Credit entries will be allowed without changing the dormancy status of such accounts. Debit transactions/ withdrawals will not be allowed until the account holder requests for activation of account and produces attested copy of his/her CNIC/SNIC, or Pakistan Origin Card (POC) or National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani (NICOP)...., if already not available, and bank is satisfied with CDD of the customer. After passing subsequent 9 years in the dormancy status, i.e., if an account is not operated upon by a customer for a continuous period of ten years, it will be classified as unclaimed deposit account and will be surrendered to SBP as per the provisions (section 31) of Banking Companies Ordinance 1962.

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