Corporate Banking

The Bank of Punjab has recently created a new segment of “Corporate Banking” targeted at providing seamless banking services to its Commercial and Corporate clients by sharing maximum value with its relationships and to ensure improved services under one roof.

Dedicated teams of Relationship Managers ensure the delivery of our entire range of financial products and services to our clients and provide tailored financial solutions to the customers with respect to their business needs.

Products Offered by Corporate Banking

  • Project Finance
  • Debt Syndications and Consortium Financing
  • Corporate Finance
  • Long Term/Demand Finance
  • Working Capital Finance
  • Letter of Credit, Contracts and Export collection services
  • FE Loans, Pre and Post Shipment Export Financing
  • Import Financing
  • Bills Discounting
  • Letter of Guarantees
  • Cash Management Services and etc.
  • Housing & Construction Finance
  • Advisory Services
  • Hospital Finance
  • Employee Banking

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