BOP ASAAN Current Account

Opening of a bank account is not an easy task nowadays. A long list of formalities is required to open a bank account. The Bank of Punjab is now introducing a simplified account "BOP Asaan Current Account". This is a current chequing account for low risk common people/individuals who face difficulties in account opening due to strict requirements/formalities. These segments of society may include but are not limited to self employed, pensioners, students, farmers, women/housewives, young adult population, work force etc.

Salient Features
  • This is a non profit bearing account with value added features.
  • Account can be opened with minimum of Rs.100/- as initial amount.
  • Account can be opened as individual, joint or minor type.
  • Account can be opened with minimum formalities and on one pager account opening form.
  • There is no minimum balance requirement.
  • There are no Service Charges.
  • The account will preferably be ATM/Debit Card based. However; cheque book may be issued as per choice of the customer.
  • Master Debit Card at subsidized rate of Rs.250 per annum for both issuance and renewals.
  • 1st cheque book of 25 leaves is Free.
  • Online – within city/ Intercity (Cash and Transfer Both) facility is available as per SOC of corresponding period.
  • SMS Alert service is available at subsidized rate of RS. 35/- per month for Flexcube Branches and for BOP2001 branches @ Rs. 420/- per annum.
  • Per Month Total Debit Limit is Rs.500,000/-
  • Total Credit Balance limit is Rs.500,000/-
  • Account can be converted into normal current account after completion of remaining formalities if later on, accountholder requires financial services for higher amounts than the above specified limits.
  • Existing Basic Banking Accounts (BBA) can be converted into BOP Asaan Current Account as per terms & conditions.
  • Free e-banking facility to view account balance and statement of account is available.
  • Free of Cost Utility Bills Deposit Facility through BOP ATM Network, BOP Phone Banking and self service IVR system is available.
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