BOP PLS Direct Pension Credit Account

This account is being opened in light with Supreme Court’s SUO MOTO notice ( in year 2007) regarding problems being faced by the pensioners and its subsequent order that pension may be disbursed through all branches of all the licensed banks in Pakistan.
PDP is a chequing account which can be opened by any individual/single pensioner. The type of account is PDP – PLS Direct Pension Credit Account. Purpose of account opening will be specifically mentioned on the AOF as “Direct Credit of Pension” only.

Salient Features
  • Copy of Pension Book mentioning monthly amount of pension and other particulars will also be required alongwith other documents as required in case of individual accounts.
  • Pensioner & Co-indemnifier will indemnifying the bank (on stamp paper) to the extent of six month’s aggregate pension amount or authorize the bank to mark lien on his/her account upto this amount either by depositing cash or by no withdrawal of monthly pension upto six consecutive months.
  • No fee or service charges for maintaining such account will be charged.
  • Free e-banking facility to view account balance and statement of account is available.
  • SMS Alert facility is available subject to payment of annual charges as per bank’s schedule of charges.
  • Free of Cost Utility Bills Deposit Facility through BOP ATM Network, BOP Phone Banking and self service IVR system is available.
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