Features & Benefits

• Shopping Convenience

Enjoy the convenience of shopping with your BOP Debit Card without the hassle of carrying cash. Use your Debit Card to pay for groceries, fuel, dining, clothing, pharmacies, electronics, airline tickets and much more.

• Access Cash Anytime

Instantly Cash withdraw through any BOP ATM or 1 Link ATM in Pakistan using your BOP Debit Card. Moreover, enjoy ATM withdrawals overseas at more than a million Mastercard powered ATMs worldwide.

• Worldwide Acceptability

Enjoy the ease of paying for purchases when abroad. You can use your Debit Card at millions of places such as airports, hotels, restaurants, shops and more. Whenever you wish to travel abroad, don't forget to activate international transactions on your card by speaking to our contact center agent at 111 267 200 or through BOP Mobile App.

• Online shopping & E-Commerce

Truly digitize your shopping experience! Use your debit Card safely and securely on the internet to purchase items from your favorite online stores across the world. It's rewarding, convenient, and a pampering experience. Moreover, you can also save your card details on your favorite stores and apps for recurring payments.

Whenever you wish to use your card for online Shopping and E-Commerce , don't forget to activate internet/ online transactions on your card by speaking to our contact center agent at 111 267 200 or through BOP mobile app.

• Transfer Funds

Transfer Funds up to Rs. 500,000 per day within BOP or to any other 1LINK Member Bank Account in Pakistan any time using BOP ATMs or BOP Mobile app.

• Supplementary Debit Card

Get Up to 3 Supplementary Debit Cards and share the convenience, benefits and privileges of your BOP Debit Card with your loved ones. To apply, please visit BOP branch.

• Digital Alerts

Now receive instant transaction alerts through SMS/Email.

• Chip and Pin

BOP Debit Card provides enhance financial security as transaction conducted (both POS & ATM transactions) with this card will be validated through a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).

This PIN will be the same which will be used for your ATM transaction.

• Discounts & Privileges

With BOP Debit Card you can enjoy upto 30% OFF on the partnered merchant locations nationwide. Moreover, with BOP Platinum Mastercard you can enjoy free access to many International Airport Lounges.

For details please visit BOP Discounts & Offers Webpage or call 111267200.

Note: PayPak Card can only be used within Pakistan.

This page was last updated on: July 29, 2020 3:05:00 PM